Your Guide to Kids Jackets and Outerwear

Your Guide to Kids Jackets and Outerwear

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With children being more susceptible to fluctuations in temperature, parents need to ensure they have appropriate outerwear. A kids jacket plays a vital role in keeping your little ones comfortable and protected. 

However, finding the perfect jacket can be quite challenging. To make your search easy, below is a guide that explores some of the best options for kids' jackets.


Boys Jackets

Boys' fashion has evolved over the years, combining practicality with trendy styles. From smart-casual ensembles to rugged looks, there's a wide range of choices for young boys.

Additionally, today's young boys are no strangers to fashion-forward choices. They want jackets that not only look cool but also cater to their active lifestyles.

If you need boys' jackets, Minihaha's got you covered. We offer comfortable, stylish, and high-quality jackets for boys. Here are some of our brand's top types of jackets for boys:


Sherpa Jackets

Sherpa Jackets are the epitome of warmth and cosiness. These jackets are typically crafted from soft and plush materials, resembling sheep's fleece. The exterior is often made from durable materials like cotton.

The Sherpa jacket is perfect for casual outings and playdates. One of the top choices to buy is the boys Sherpa Jacket in Navy Caramel. It offers a stylish look with its classic design and versatile colour combination. 

Features include:

  • Insulation: The inner lining offers excellent insulation to keep them snug during cold weather
  • Stylish design: The Sherpa Jackets come in a range of colours, such as our navy and caramel combination
  • Soft and lightweight: Despite their warmth, Sherpa jackets are soft and weightless
  • Front zip opening: Easy access
  • Front pockets: Keep their hands warm and belongings safe
  • Hooded: Adds warmth and protection from the elements


Puffer Jackets 

A kids puffer jacket will typically feature a quilted design. They're often filled with down or synthetic materials, trapping heat and preventing cold air from seeping in. 

One of the standout options is the Boys Hooded Puffa Jacket. These boys puffer jackets feature a trendy colour block design that will appeal to your little one. Key features include:

  • Water-resistant outer shell for protection from rain and snow
  • High-quality insulation for superior warmth
  • Lightweight and compressible for easy packing and storage
  • Elastic cuffs and hems to keep cold air out
  • Hood for added protection from the elements



Hooded Children's Raincoats 

A hooded boys raincoat is an essential kids outerwear item! They'll reach for theirs every rainy day during the wet season. These jackets can help keep your boy dry and comfortable in wet weather.

Key features include: 

  • Waterproof outer shell for protection from rain and moisture
  • Hood for added protection of the head and neck
  • Breathable materials to prevent overheating
  • Lined interior for extra warmth and comfort

Our Navy Lined Raincoat is a practical and stylish option that will keep your little one dry and comfortable.


Cord  Jackets 

If your boy loves exploring the outdoors, a Cord Jacket is an ideal outerwear. These jackets are rugged and versatile, made of durable materials like corduroy or canvas that make them resistant to wear and tear.

Key features include: 

  • Sturdy and durable design to withstand rough use
  • Classic, timeless style that provides longevity to the garment
  • Multiple pockets for little explorers to carry small treasures

The Scout Kids Cord Jacket in Caramel from Minihaha exemplifies the rugged charm of cord jackets. It offers a sturdy and fashionable option for your little adventurer.



Girls Jackets 

Girls' fashion is all about embracing creativity, colours, and individuality. From cute to chic, there are endless possibilities when it comes to dressing up your little princess. Minihaha's collection of girls' jackets can cater to a wide range of preferences.

Our selection of girls' jackets combines style with functionality. Let's explore some of the top types of jackets for your girls available at Minihaha.

Faux Fur Vests 

For a touch of elegance and luxury, a faux fur vest is the perfect choice for your little angel. Crafted from high-quality faux fur, these vests add a glamorous flair to your girl's outfit. The sleeveless jackets mimic the luxurious look and feel of real fur without harming animals. 

Features include: 

  • Luxurious faux fur material to keep your little one comfy
  • Natural brown colour that complements various outfits
  • Sleeveless design for flexibility and comfort
  • Versatile layering options for a cosy fit 

Our Faye Faux Fur Vest is a great pick! It features a soft satin lining and a cord tie fastening at the front for a stylish fit.



Hooded Jackets 

Hooded jackets are a must-have for your girl's winter wardrobe. They combine practicality with style, offering the best of both worlds. 

Our Girls Sherpa Jacket is a practical yet fashionable choice for colder days. This hooded jacket can help keep your girl warm and cosy during outdoor adventures.

Features include: 

  • Playful pink check print for a cute and vibrant look
  • Hooded design for added protection from the elements
  • Water-resistant fabric to keep her dry from any unexpected drizzles
  • Front zipper closure for easy access and convenience


Petal Jackets 

Our Faux Fur Petal Jacket is the perfect combination of comfort and cuteness. This jacket features a petal-shaped design and luxurious faux fur. This creates a charming look that your little girl will adore.

While the faux fur lining provides exceptional cosiness, the petal detailing adds a whimsical and feminine touch. 

You can add it to your young girl's wardrobe to help bring joy and warmth to her style. The jacket's practicality and cosiness make it ideal for special occasions.



Wrap Your Kids in Warmth and Style with Fashionable Kids' Jackets 

Investing in quality childrens jackets for your little one not only keeps them warm but also allows them to make a fashionable statement.  

Minihaha is your go-to store if you need kids' jackets. We offer diverse styles and designs to suit your child's unique taste. Whether you’re looking for a classic corduroy jacket or kids raincoats, our brand has something for every young fashion enthusiast. 

Browse our children's section today for our fashionable and functional jackets!